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I decided to build this framework after I leave Pissoft company. I really love this idea because I think it can help us (Vietnamese developer) build Java desktop business application easier and faster.

VBAF means Vietnamese Business Application framework. This framework just intergrate with other open source Java framework and wrapper them in a generic way. VBAF includes these features

+ Logging support: allow developer log error or message in client side and server side by changing configuration

+ Form builder support: create a mechanism to build CRUID form very fast. This also supplies a tool to generate cruid Form from xls file.

+ Validation mechanism: support a mechanism built-in with FormBuilder. It can help us create a form with validation very easy.

+ Common controls: a library of Swing control to bind data to Beans and integrate with validation mechanism.

+ Report builder support: integrate with JaspersReport and supplies the easiest way to build generic report templates (these templates is used very common for Accounting, HRM, School management application … in VietNam)

+ Intergrate with Hibernate and Spring framework to store and load data

Comming soon! If you’re interested this, you can visit this page: https://vbaf.dev.java.net/

Currently, I did not publish its source code there. Please wait for another time.

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