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Top reasons that manager should write blog

Some managers told me: forget it, I do not have enough time for blogging. We should save time for other more important things!
Actually, I sympathize with them. However, blogging has a lot of advantages. It may help you manage your team efficiently. You don’t believe? 🙂 See top reasons I’ve listed below to understand why.
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  • Blogging helps your employee understand and sympathize with you more: if you have difficulties, or something need to explain to your employee – you can use blog. If you’re good at writing, you can tell them about your emotion, what you’re thinking … However, do not tell any stupid thing when you’re angry. That may create side effect of your blogging. 🙂
  • Blogging helps you to practice the writing skill: writing skill is one of must have skills of manager. Practicing it with blogging is a good way.
  • Blogging is a very useful tool for training (if you can make use of it): I see some of my friends post some entries to train the team in his blog. He received a lot of feed backs. That’s a good signal to know your team can understand what you want to transfer.
  • Blog is a good tool for communication: through blogging, you can announce some thing and explain easier to your team. Actually, people like reading blog than reading the news board/policy board in the office.
  • Blog is a good place to create relationship: a lot of people tell me that they like making friends through blog. That’s the great point that you should make use of. If each employee has a blog, introducing their blogs to others is the best way to help them understand each other fast and strengthen the relationship.

Why don’t we try from now?

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