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Google Analytic example – How business view can help you ?

Yesterday, I received a request from a customer: create a tool to track statistic data on email campaigns. We must find the solution with cheapest price and lowest development cost.

Actually, I’ve used a lot of statistic tracking tools like: Google Analytics, SiteMetter, … However, I thought that these are tools for web sites (not for email) because the real mechanism behind these tools is: the client (browser) must run a piece of Javascript to send statistic data into their server.
With email client, we can not run script because of some limitations regarding security.

I get in stuck.
How to solve this issue?
The CTO told me: I see that some companies use Google Analytic to track statistic data related to their marketing email campaigns.
Oh, really? I can not believe in that.
Search on Google, and this is the result:


This is just a very simple idea: adding parametters into the link we want to track in email content. When user reads the email and open the link, Google Analytics will track this.
To view statistic data, user will use the filtering parameters to select data they want to view.

Oh! my god. Great
Actually, this is not a quite 100% good solution. However, it can make use of Google Analytic in a new way.

I think this is invented by a business man, NOT from any developers or technicians.
WHY I said that?
NO developer can find this – because they always think about complete and quite 100% good solutions.
In the mind of a business man, he wants to make use of everything. So, tricks are good ways save his money and make use of everything was available.

Do you want to be a developer with good business mind? I am trying my best to be that.

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