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Web Standards Curriculum – Good course for web developer

Web standard is fundamental knowledge that all web developers need to know. I am going to look for a course about this for training in my company. Fortunately, I found this course in Opera developer community: “Web Standards Curriculum”

Web Standards Curriculum, a course designed to give anyone a solid grounding in web design/development, no matter who they are—it is completely free to use, accessible, and assumes no previous knowledge.

You can find this course here:


About the author of this course

Picture of the article author Chris Mills

Chris Mills is a developer relations manager for Opera—he edits and publishes articles on dev.opera.com and labs.opera.com, liaises with the community to raise awareness of Opera and collect feedback, and evangelises about Opera software wherever he can. He is also the organiser and editor of the Web Standards Curriculum.

Outside of work, he is an extremely avid music fan, enjoying playing and listening to a wide variety of music, including metal, folk, punk, electronica, prog, and more. His main band at the moment is the mighty Conquest of Steel.

I hope this course is useful to you!

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