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livemocha – a success story of social network + e-learning

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Recently, social network is emerging as a new trend. You can see a lot of social networks over the world: MySpace, Facebook, … They appear like stars after Big Bang. Each social network has its mission in the real world (not only on Internet). The strength of social network is its community. When you have a big community, that means you have a big chance to get more money!

Actually, social network is only a type of model (a social model on Internet). If you can find a good idea to apply into a social network, that means you created a new model. For a long time, I tried my best to do that (invent new thing with social network). When researching, I found some of my “new” ideas exists in the real world. One of them is: combine social network with e-learning.

This type of social network appear recently. I strongly believe that this is a good model for e-learning. One of success web site applied this model is:


The idea behind is very simple: “learning new language by friends over the world”.
It creates a big community who wants to learn language by communication directly.

I found a very interesting analyzing in the CEO’s blog of livemocha

Based on various research reports that I have seen, this is a market that is well over $20 billion in size with over 350 million people all over the globe learning a variety of different languages. In many countries, people can double their income by learning English because they can get more attractive jobs in industry. And the need has become even stronger given increasing trends towards globalization, immigration and travel.

Currently, Livemocha secures $6 million in funding led by Maveron.
Do you think this idea is interesting?

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