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Open source collaborative working solutions

My girl friend is working in a perfume company (an inter-continent company). The CEO of this company wanted to find a solution to help his workers work in a collaborative environment with highest efficiency. They also need a Customer relationship management system to keep track of their customers information and their business goal. He asked the IT staff to do it.
As the result, they choose 2 software: Highrise for CRM and TeamworkLive for collaborative working system.

I do not have any idea about their choosing. However, I asked myself: what are alternative open source solutions for these needs. Actually, I am interested in collaborative working model. For a long time ago, I’ve had an idea about creating a software solution for collaborative working, but I do not have enough time to research carefully about this idea at that time.
In this topic, I only show you some open source solutions for collaborative working model that are available on Internet. I haven’t had a detail look on these solutions. I hope you can. If you have more helpful information about these solutions or other solutions, please share to me also.

MindQuarry :
Mindquarry is an Open Source collaborative software platform for file sharing (documents, images, media files, etc.), task and project management, team collaboration and Wiki editing that meshes simplicity and functionality. As a result, knowledge workers are able to connect with team members and share information from wherever they are, effectively improving team-work and increasing productivity within the company.


Teamwork is a proven, reliable and friendly web based software solution for managing work and communication in any field. Groupware and project management features are used in an integrated environment, from which you can coordinate and manage hundreds of projects at once. It offers us some cool features for: Project management, Issues tracking, Document managing, Work logging, Smart features (shared calendar, prioritize assignment, …)
Teamwork has an open source version (written on Java, Database independent). I downloaded it but not deployed yet. I will update you if I have any more information.

Dimdim is the leading provider of open source web meeting software.
Dimdim is a free web conferencing service where you can share your desktop, show slides, collaborate, chat, talk and broadcast via webcam with absolutely no download required for attendees. It also offers us an open source version. We can customize it as our real needs.


A single Integrated Collaboration Environment that establishes a collaborative group workspace of people, teams, functions, tasks and content all working together to drive effective teamwork to the next level.

Kaplink is built from Java with Hibernate, Liferay portal and use Lucene as the Full text search solution behind.

If you have any other open source solutions for this, please share to me!
My slogan: Share to get more. I like this.

4 thoughts on “Open source collaborative working solutions

  1. Tran Dang Khoa

    Mr Vu (my tutor when I was in college) suggest one more good open source solution for collaborative working model: eGroupWare.

    EGroupware is a free enterprise ready groupware software for your network. It enables you to manage contacts, appointments, todos and many more for your whole business.

    EGroupware is a groupware server. It comes with a native web-interface which allowes to access your data from any platform all over the planet. Moreover you also have the choice to access the EGroupware server with your favorite groupware client (Kontact, Evolution, Outlook) and also with your mobile or PDA via SyncML

    You can read more eGroupware features in this whitepaper: http://www.stylite.de/EGroupwareFunctionalities

  2. Anonymous

    There are a lot of free/open source tools. This is also a good one http://openatrium.com/features.

    I could combine to use some of them to make my life better (including the management tool such as TargetProcess or ThoughtWorks Mingle, not PI: I hate it hehe).

    However, I don’t care whatever you’re using; according to me, the key of everything is the way you manage and the way you apply your methodologies/experiences/tools to proper situations (context, culture, …). Top of all is still the human things!!! Do the best the human thing, you solved almost the problem!


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