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Questions of Extreme Programming

I am very interested in XP. Currently, I am learning practices from XP and trying to apply them into real projects that I take. However, there are some difficult questions that I am looking for answers. I hope I can find them from you.

1/ If I use XP, how can I answer the cost of software to my customer?
2/ How to convince customer to use XP ?
3/ In XP, estimation is based on the team. How I can create the draft estimation without team (because team is always built after signing contract)?
My estimation may not match with the estimation of the real team.
4/ When XP can not be applied?
5/ How to apply XP with a big team (>50)?
6/ What are standards of a developers to join into XP game?
7/ What are big pitfalls in XP?
8/ How to apply XP with a part-time group and work from far distance?

If you find more questions, please put into this list.
If you find the answer, please comment.

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