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Upgrade to Ubuntu 9.04 – Flash player problem

Today, I’ve upgraded my Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04. However, I met the first problem with Firefox and Flash Player. The new version of Ubuntu has upgraded my Flash player version to version 10.0 but there is a problem: some Flash websites  can not play properly in my old firefox.

When I try to trace the registered plugins in Firefox by typing: about:plugins on the navigation textbox, I understand the reasion: Firefox is using the old Flash player plugin (9.0.4) and old version of libs.

Reading tons of online articles related to this issue, I found no way to fix this.
Suddenly, I remember that Firefox has created one hidden folder (.mozilla) in my home folder. So, I try to read the configuration there. And … now, a solution appears in my mind. I tried it and solve this issue successfully.

Please follow steps as below to fix it, if you met this problem with Ubuntu.

Step 1: Open terminal, and delete the hidden folder .mozilla in your home folder. (/home/your user name/.mozilla)

Step 2: Uninstall all Flash and Firefox packages using Sysnaptic. Just type: flash and firefox into the search text to find plugins which installed in your computer.

Step 3: Install Flash player using Sysnaptic.

Step 4: Install firefox again.

Now, you can open your firefox and try again with some web site that embed Flash inside.
Good luck

10 thoughts on “Upgrade to Ubuntu 9.04 – Flash player problem

  1. Anonymous

    Hi there, your advice worked for me, imagine that i had installed all plugins and newest flash from adobe, but instead of flash, i saw only… blank, pure white.
    I didn`t remove the hidden .mozilla, but i uninstalled flash and firefox, and reinstalled only adobe-flashplugin in synaptic (and of course firefox).
    I think (read somewhere else also) that there were some conflicts between which plugins to open the flash content.
    Anyway, thanks for your post, helped a lot (didn`t know what else exactly to uninstall, install….)

  2. Anonymous

    If you see multiple flash handler in about:plugins, using Add-ons manager in tools disable the conflicting plugins for flash and just enable the shokwaveflash latest 10.0* . This worked fine for me

  3. Anonymous

    ** TThank youu … ** This worked perfectly, no logout or reboot required. I searched a lot before hitting this one, and of course, it was the simplest solution that did the trick! I use tmz.com as my ‘test site’ for flash, since they use the BriteCove player. All worked great. ;~)

  4. Anonymous

    Hi I’m a noob in Linux. I tried your method but still no luck. In my plugins I see shockwave flash 9.0 r999. I did the synaptic flash install but that did nothing. I downloaded the flash 10 plugin from the adobe site, installed it but still didn’t work. Installation was successful but flash still at 9. Don’t know what’s wrong? All streaming videos lag no matter what the site is. Please help!

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