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Research topic for this month: iPhone AR

AR is not a new technology nowadays. However, its applications are very interesting and useful. To adapt the market trend, I decide to have a quick look into AR technology on iPhone.

Below is a very interesting demo that I’ve found on Internet.

Some quick notes for iPhone AR technology

Third party providers provide us solution to build iPhone AR app

1. iPhone ARKit: open source iphone AR
Ref links:

2. SREngine
SREngine stands for Scene Recognition Engine, which is a software engine to recognize static scenes of architectures, streets, posters, rooms, and so on. Due to the ability to specify what user is.

3. ARToolKit v4.4 iPhone
The ARToolKit v4.4 is the first fully-featured AR framework that supports native operation on Apple iPhone, which lets you create applications with sample real world imagery captured with your iPhone camera, and merges them with software-generated 3D objects. The ARToolKit is also well integrated with the accelerometer of the iPhone, which allows it to automatically detect movements from the iPhone, and impose those movements on 3D images instantaneously.

4. D’Fusion Mobile – a solution provided by T-Immersion company
D’Fusion mobile will operate seamlessly on Symbian and Windows devices, with iPhone and Android support following thereafter. Providing a simple and user friendly experience on mobile phone Total Immersion offers turn key solutions adapted to your needs. Put your smartphone in front of a marker and get a unique 3D Augmented Reality experience!

5.Metaio Mobile
Link: http://www.metaio.com/products/mobile/

Unifeye Mobile is a glimpse of the (virtual/real) future – through the viewfinder of your cell phone’s camera! With Unifeye Mobile, metaio is developing the first fully-integrated Augmented Reality software for mobile devices.

Latest news from Apple with AR technology:

Link: http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2009/07/augmented-reality-coming-to-iphone-with-iphone-os-31.ars

Developers should be able to use official APIs in iPhone OS 3.1 to create so-called “augmented reality” apps for the iPhone 3GS, according to comments from one developer. Already, developers are trying to find uses for such apps

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