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Knowledgeroot – installation and backup/restore

Knowledgeroot is an open source knowledgebase system. It helps you to create a central place for organizing information/knowledge for your team. 

Below is a screenshot from our current knowledgeroot system:

Anyway, the installation guide for this open source is not clear enough for you to install easily. I’ve just found a great guideline on below link:


I already tried to install it on my Ubuntu desktop for the team to use currently. After some days, I need to move this system to another server because if I shutdown my computer, noone can use it anymore 🙂

Fortunately, backup & restore knowledge root is easy. You just need to backup/restore the database only. All attached files are stored inside the MySQL DB.

MySQL v.5.0 supports some nice commands for you to backup data:

In this case, I prefer to copy the whole folder of my knowledgeroot database (because it contains also binary data files). So, I did below steps:

Step 1: using mysqlhotcopy to create backup database in raw

Below is the command I use to backup my knowledgeroot database to current directory:

sudo mysqlhotcopy -u my_db_account -p password_of_my_db_account  knowledgeroot . 

Step 2: copy this folder into USB, and copy it to the data directory of mysql (default mysql data directory is located at: /var/lib/mysql

However, I need to do a quick trick to copy this folder because /var/lib/mysql folder is not owned by my account by default

(a) sudo chown -R myaccount /var/lib/mysql

(b) copy the backup data folder into /var/lib/mysql
(c) return the owner for mysql account by this command:  sudo chown -R mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql

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