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Sencha Touch or JQuery Mobile?

Yesterday was so interesting. We was put into some challenges and technical debation. One of them is [choosing the good “framework” to work with a PhoneGap application we’re going to develop in some next days].

The debation becomes to: SenchaTouch or JQuery Mobile?. After the debation, we finally get some below points as our note:

A. SenchaTouch:

Designed based on ExtJS. It uses the “declarative” approach for creating the UI. It means: you use the code for creating the UI component.


  • Support good design pattern (MVC, Proxy, …). It’s more convenient for developer to create application with complex logic at the client side.
  • Good documentation.

More consideration:

  • It’s not too convenient to HTML guys – who more used to with the “HTML mark-up”.
  • You need to consider the license carefully if you want to create the “closed-source” solution.

B. JQuery Mobile:

JQuery Mobile is created with the approach of “mark-up based approach”. It means JQuery Mobile allows you to create mark-up HTML and support you some special attribute/class to change the UI to be “mobile native mode” with their default theme.


  • The license is cool. 
  • Convenient to HTML guys – who loves “mark-up” on their daily job :).
  • It’s good for mobile web – which requires simple logic (just navigation, simple data processing). 

More consideration:

  • Most of the Javascript code (design/structure of the code) are handled by YOU (developer). It just helps you on the UI layer.

How about your ideas?

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