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Thinkupapp – the open source social media insight

I received a prospect which requires us to build up an application to crawl feeds from friends of a user on Facebook and do some analyzing process. To prove the app concepts, we need to build a PoC.

After doing a quick research on the Internet, finally we choose the Thinkupapp (thinkupapp.com) to use for building the PoC.

This is an open source social media insight app. It supports some available features for:

+ Crawling the social data (feeds/tweets,post) from Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

+ A nice dashboard with some very useful social analytic reports.

+ A great plugin mechanism to add more customization to the existing app.

After 1-2 days, we finished the PoC. What we actually did with the thinkupapp are:

+ Create a new plugin for getting feeds from Friends of a user on Facebook. Actually, we just clone the existing plugin and add some customization. The existing Facebook plugin only crawls feeds of current user and activities on feeds.

+ Create the analyzing process running in cron job.

It saves us much time if we build it from scratch :). So cool!

However, we have a notice on the license of thinkupapp:

1/ Thinkupapp is currently using GNU GPL license. In case, you are going to build a closed-source product – it should be consider carefully.

2/ On an article I read here, they are going to switch to AGPL. “The AGPL specifies that if you make changes to ThinkUp andrun the modified version on your server, you must make yourmodifications available for anyone to download”. 

Anyway, thanks to thinkupapp. You did a good solution !

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